What is the “HXPayments.com” Charge on your Bank / Credit Card Statement

In today’s digital age, it’s not uncommon to come across unfamiliar charges on our bank and credit card statements. One such charge that might have caught your attention is the “HXPayments.com” charge. If you find yourself wondering what this charge is all about, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve ever taken a close look at your credit card statement and found yourself puzzled by a mysterious charge labelled “HXPayments.com,” you’re not alone. With the multitude of transactions we make daily, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciphering the codes next to each charge. In this article, we will demystify the meaning behind the “HXPayments.com” charge and provide you with the necessary information to understand it.

Understanding the Meaning of “HXPayments.com”

When you see the “HXPayments.com” charge on your bank or credit card statement, you might initially feel confused and unsure about its origin. However, rest assured that this charge is not a random alphanumeric code but rather a specific reference to a financial transaction facilitated by a company named Holiday Extras.

At first glance, “HXPayments.com” may appear as a random alphanumeric code on your credit card statement. However, it is a specific reference to a financial transaction facilitated by a company called “Holiday Extras.” This United Kingdom-based company specializes in enhancing travel experiences by offering a wide range of supplementary services such as airport parking, hotel accommodations, airport lounge access, car hire, and more. In addition to providing these services, Holiday Extras also takes on the responsibility of processing payments for these transactions, ensuring the secure handling of credit and debit card details. As a result, when a payment is processed and recorded on your credit card statement, it appears as a charge from “HXPayments.com.”

Types of Transactions Leading to an “HXPayments.com” Charge

Now that we understand the role of Holiday Extras in payment processing, let’s explore the types of transactions that could result in an “HXPayments.com” charge on your statement. When you see this charge, it is likely linked to a purchase you made through Holiday Extras for services related to your travel plans. Here are some common categories of services that could lead to an “HXPayments.com” charge:

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1. Car Hire

If you’ve rented a car for your vacation or trip, the charge for the car hire service could appear as an “HXPayments.com” charge on your statement. Holiday Extras offers convenient car hire options to enhance your travel experience.

2. Theatre Trips

If you’ve booked a theatre trip to add a dash of culture to your holiday, the payment for this service could also be reflected as an “HXPayments.com” charge on your credit card statement. Holiday Extras offers a variety of theatre packages to cater to different preferences.

3. Airport Parking

Booking a convenient parking spot at the airport is made easy with Holiday Extras. If you’ve reserved airport parking, the charge for this service may appear as an “HXPayments.com” charge on your statement.

4. Airport Hotels

For a comfortable stay before or after your flight, you may have reserved an airport hotel through Holiday Extras. In this case, the charge for the airport hotel booking could show up as an “HXPayments.com” charge on your credit card statement.

5. Airport Lounges

If you’ve booked access to a relaxing airport lounge through Holiday Extras, you may see an “HXPayments.com” charge on your statement. Holiday Extras offers a range of airport lounges to enhance your travel experience.

6. Holiday Insurance

You may have purchased travel insurance through Holiday Extras to ensure peace of mind during your holiday. The charge for the holiday insurance could be the reason behind the “HXPayments.com” charge on your credit card statement.

7. Airport Transfers

Pre-arranged airport transfers can save you time and hassle during your travels. If you’ve booked airport transfers through Holiday Extras, the payment for this service may be reflected as an “HXPayments.com” charge on your statement.

8. UK Theme Park Trips

Planning an exciting trip to a UK theme park? If you’ve booked your theme park experience through Holiday Extras, the charge for this service may show up as an “HXPayments.com” charge on your credit card statement.

9. Other Holiday/Vacation Related Extras

Holiday Extras offers a wide range of additional services to enhance your holiday or vacation experience. Any other supplementary services you may have booked through Holiday Extras, such as attraction tickets, sightseeing tours, or travel essentials, could result in an “HXPayments.com” charge on your statement.

It’s important to note that these are just some examples, and there may be other services offered by Holiday Extras that can lead to an “HXPayments.com” charge on your statement.

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Steps to Take if You Don’t Recognize a Charge from HXPayments.com

If you come across an “HXPayments.com” charge on your statement and don’t recall making the transaction, it’s essential to take prompt action to ensure your financial security. Here are the steps you can take to address the issue:

  • Contact Holiday Extras: The first step is to reach out to Holiday Extras directly. Their customer service representatives can assist you in identifying the transaction and provide more details that could jog your memory. They may be able to resolve the issue quickly or issue a refund if there has been a mistake.
  • Contact Your Bank or Credit Card Company: If contacting Holiday Extras doesn’t provide a satisfactory resolution or if you still have concerns about the charge, the next step is to get in touch with your bank or credit card company. They can provide more information about the transaction and initiate a dispute process if necessary. Acting swiftly is crucial to secure your account and prevent any potential fraudulent activity.
  • Look for the customer service phone number on the back of your credit card or visit your bank’s website to find the appropriate contact information.
  • Explain the situation clearly, providing details of the charge, including the amount, date, and the fact that it is listed as “HXPayments.com”. Mention that you have already contacted Holiday Extras and did not receive a resolution.
  • Document Relevant Information: As you navigate the dispute process, it’s important to keep any relevant documentation. This includes a copy of your credit card statement showing the charge, any correspondence with Holiday Extras, and any other information related to the charge, such as emails, receipts, or booking confirmations. The more evidence you can provide to support your dispute, the more likely it is to be resolved in your favor.
  • Follow Your Bank’s Dispute Resolution Process: Each bank and credit card company has its dispute resolution process. Your bank will guide you through the necessary steps, which may include submitting a formal dispute in writing. Be sure to ask about any required paperwork or forms that need to be completed. By following their instructions and providing the requested information, you can help expedite the dispute process.
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Checking Credit Card Statements Regularly

Oh, how exciting it is to have the power to track and manage your spending with just a few clicks! Regularly reviewing your credit card statements is not just a good habit, it’s an absolute necessity in today’s world. By taking the time to go through your statements, you can keep a close eye on your spending and budget effectively. Imagine having the ability to see exactly where your hard-earned money is going and being able to make adjustments as needed. It’s like being in the driver’s seat of your financial journey!

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Reviewing your credit card statements also helps you protect yourself from potential fraud or unauthorized transactions. With the increasing prevalence of identity theft and cybercrime, it has become more important than ever to stay vigilant. By carefully scrutinizing each charge on your statement, you can quickly identify any suspicious activity and take the necessary steps to address it. It’s like having a superhero power that allows you to protect your finances from the villains of the digital world.

And let’s not forget about the peace of mind that comes with understanding and monitoring the charges on your credit card statement. It’s like having a personal financial advisor right at your fingertips. You can rest easy knowing that your money is being spent correctly and securely. No more worrying about unexpected charges or unauthorized purchases. By staying on top of your credit card statements, you are in control of your finances and can confidently make decisions about how you want to spend your hard-earned money.


In conclusion, the “HXPayments.com” charge on your bank and credit card statement is a reference to a financial transaction facilitated by Holiday Extras, a reputable UK-based company specializing in enhancing travel experiences. The charge could be associated with various services such as car hire, theatre trips, airport parking, airport hotels, airport lounges, holiday insurance, airport transfers, UK theme park trips, and other holiday-related extras. If you don’t recognize a charge from “HXPayments.com,” it’s important to contact Holiday Extras and your bank or credit card company to address the issue promptly. Regularly checking your credit card statements is crucial for maintaining financial health and identifying any unfamiliar charges. Remember to keep documentation of the transaction and follow the instructions provided by your bank to help resolve the issue.

If you encounter an “HXPayments.com” charge in the future, you can now approach it with confidence and take the necessary steps to ensure the validity and security of the transaction. Happy travels!


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